Draft Local Transport Strategy consultation and Strategic Environmental Assessment consultation

Draft Local Transport Strategy

North Ayrshire Council’s Strategic Planning and Infrastructure team is keen to receive feedback from all existing and potential transport users regarding the draft North Ayrshire Local Transport Strategy and associated Strategic Environmental Assessment.


We have carried out extensive consultation to develop the draft Local Transport Strategy. With the support and understanding of the community, the council aims to provide an integrated transport network, for North Ayrshire, that will support long term, sustainable, economic growth and reduce inequality by improving the accessibility and connectivity of communities to employment opportunities and local amenities.

Key priorities

Economic growth

To provide a transport network that underpins and facilitates economic growth by: 

  • strengthening connectivity to Glasgow, the rest of Scotland, and beyond
  • improving sustainable transport and active travel links between residential and key employment areas.

Improving accessibility and connectivity to help reduce inequality

To provide all local people with a range of suitable and sustainable transport options providing access to necessary shopping, healthcare, education, and recreational facilities.

Reducing the negative impact of transport on communities, businesses and the environment

To achieve modal shift from private car to sustainable transport and active travel.

This strategy sets out the vision, objectives and key priorities for transport in North Ayrshire.

Your views

Please share your views on the draft Local Transport Strategy by 31st July 2015 at


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