Kilwinning Library – Opening Hours Consultation

Public meetings are being organised to discuss changes in the opening hours of libraries across North Ayrshire. More information on this consultation and the proposal here.

For Kilwinning Library, the public meeting will be held in the library from 6 to 7pm on Tuesday the 27th of October.

Kilwinning Community Council had previously worked actively to keep the library open in 2010/2011. We do not support any reduction in hours, but we do accept that the opening hours may need to be adjusted as long as the total hours open each week are maintained at the current level.

 The main points are:

  • the recent increase in the sales of books, suggesting that the impact of e readers is now lessening;
  • the importance of libraries to families;
  • libraries are important for providing access to the internet for the unemployed and people affected by the changes to a universal benefit system;
  • the recent decrease in literacy recorded in Scottish schools;
  • the library is the only NAC building in Kilwinning now that is generally open to the public, i.e. the public face of the Council;
  •  NAC needs to do more to find a more creative use for the library, e.g. Stevenston now has an employment hub in their library.

We would strongly recommend to anyone interested in the future of our library to come and attend the meeting to make their view heard.

Library - new roof

The library - children section

The library – children section

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