McGavin park Redevelopment

There was a public meeting on the Monday the 20th of October in the Woodwynd Community Centre. Colin Young from A.C.E.S. presented the ambitious project.

A survey which involved about 500 people showed that a majority of people want improvements to be made. Using the different suggestions, an architect Andrew Hunter created preliminary plans as a basis for discussion, trying to take people suggestions on board, to keep the history of the park, all the trees and most of the existing paths (only one path in red on the map below would disappear).

It was made very clear that this was only a basis for discussion. Nothing is set and they would really want people to keep bringing ideas and telling what they like or not. They plan to have panels with the propositions in the parc itself and possibly in the library or somewhere else in town. There will be a forum or a webpage for people to bring ideas and discuss the project later, but at the moment, you can use either the A.C.E.S. website or their Facebook page

A sub-committee will be formed and will welcome anyone wanting to get involved in this project. 

The project:  (click on the picture to enlarge) 


The building would be kept but restored and inside everything would need to be re-done.  They would have changing facilities, toilets, storage place and a cafe, a soft play, and they would build an extension for a terrace which would be close to a new playground area. The large grass area actually used for football at the top of the park would be kept for football but improved with a sitting area, which could be used for matches but also for events like for the Queen’s baton. There could be an extra basketball court near that space as well.

They would improve the tennis courts and make them an all weather facility with a possibility of them being transformed in an extra football pitch for winter. A crazy mini golf, a possible pond and a wild life area for schools would be near the back road (close to the residents at the back). The archery area would be kept, and part of that era would be a dog area where they would be safe to run.

They are planning a few disable parking spaces. This is not sure (like everything else!) but they would like to have that possibility. As a result the gate would need to be wider. The idea is to take off the gate but to keep the character of it and reuse it. 

3 colour routes would be highlighted for joggers with infos (like calories, length, exercices suggested).

The parc would remain public, but they would need to find a way to generate some income. This is something the sub-committee would need to look into. The idea would be probably to charge for hiring some equipment (tennis, mini golf and other) and with the cafe/soft play.

This is an exciting project and if you want to get involved in the sub-committee or if you just want to make suggestions, please get in touch with Colin Young and A.C.E.S.

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