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From the North Ayrshire Council website:  the total number of valid votes given to each registered party in the CUNNINGHAME SOUTH constituency is as follows:

Joe Cullinane Scottish Labour Party 7723
Ruby Kirkwood Scottish Liberal Democrats 616
Ruth Maguire Scottish National Party 13416
Billy McClure Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party 3940

Ruth Maguire is duly elected as the Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Cunninghame South constituency.

The total number of people registered to vote in the Scottish Parliamentary Election in the Cunninghame South constituency is 50,214.

The total number of votes cast was 25,798.

The percentage turnout for Cunninghame South was 51.4% – this compares to 43.5% in the last Scottish Parliamentary Elections held in 2011.

The total number of rejected ballot papers was 103. Ballot papers are rejected if they do not bear the official mark; if votes have been cast for more than one registered party; if writing or a mark could identify the voter; or if unmarked or void for uncertainty.

Cunninghame South Regional result:

RISE – 168

Scottish Christian Party – 177

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party – 4105

Scottish Green Party – 855

Scottish Labour Party – 6308

Scottish Liberal Democrats – 417

Scottish Libertarian Party – 30

Scottish National Party – 12,858

Solidarity – 254

UK Independence Party – 628

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