Lady Glasgow’s Lamp

This has been on our agenda for quite a long time. It was removed before the main street renovation and it had been in storage since.

We have been working with North Ayrshire Council to have it restored and repaired. It has been quite a long process but we are very happy to finally have it back in the main Street.

It was a gift to the town from Lady Glasgow of Montgreenan, who donated it in 1890 to provide clean water for residents and horses alike. It was one of several public water pumps in the Main Street.

The plaque reads: “Memorial to Mrs Glasgow of Montgreenan who bequeathed £200 to the town of Kilwinning 1890. Memorial refurbished and re-erected by Irvine Development Corporation 1996”

LadyGlasgowLamp1 LadyGlasgowLamp2 LadyGlasgowLamp3


One thought on “Lady Glasgow’s Lamp

  1. Thank you so much .
    My Australian friends son is visiting in the summer,I planned to show him tha Abbey Tower.
    I now have knowledge of Lady Glasgow’s Lamp.

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